Will greater freight cost control benefit my sales?

Within Supply Chain there is a clear understanding that shipping costs are an important part to be in control of in order to work towards more cost-effective flows.

One area that is becoming more and more interested in the real shipping cost is the sales organizations at the companies. How does this relate? Well, a seller's everyday life consists largely of discussing business with their customers and getting to an agreement as quickly as possible. One parameter in the discussion is the price of the goods you deliver. As the market squeezes margins, the importance of controlling the cost of shipping increases. We mean the real shipping cost, not an estimate or overlay, but the cost charged to the unique transport.

Tyringe enables the seller to provide the customer with the total cost picture that includes the shipping. In the negotiation of the moment, the seller can give the customer the different fractals that exist and together find the optimal solution for the order. Sometimes it needs to be extra fast, sometimes it is more important to keep the cost down and with it also get to take a little longer. The beauty of it is that the seller is transparent with the options available which makes both parties safer and signs the order faster, and faster in these times is sweet music for most companies.

Do you find this interesting? Then feel free to contact us and we will create "faster" together.

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