Tyringe creates seamless EDI solutions for all companies involved in trade. Our user-friendly system reduces the margin of error and increases profitability.

Integrated trading solutions that create flow in business

Tyringe has been creating efficient trade flows between different ERP systems since the 1980s. We help several of the largest players in the grocery trade with smooth EDI solutions that make communication with suppliers easier and more precise. We familiarize ourselves with our customers' operations in depth, to understand the challenges and find a solution that reduces the margin of error and increases profitability. In addition to groceries, we can also help you with the electronic trading system Peppol.

Same Easy approach with all suppliers

Today, almost all major trading players, especially in the food industry, require their suppliers to use EDI. Tyringe's cloud-based, user-friendly system solutions automatically integrate suppliers' ERP systems with yours, fully in accordance with GS1, ESAP20 and other communication standards guidelines. The benefits are many: data quality increases with automated solutions, while administration doesn't take unnecessary time for you and your staff.

If you have suppliers that are not connected to EDI, we offer a supplier EDI portal. From the portal, the information is automatically interpreted, translated and passed on to your ERP system. When all suppliers look the same in the system, it becomes easier to compare price lists, place orders and review order confirmations.

Smooth handling of goods

Our integrated system solutions also help you and your suppliers create smoother logistics processes. When the business systems talk to each other, it becomes easier to mark the goods correctly, which in turn makes it easy to scan and check the goods against the delivery notification. An automatic logistics process saves time and reduces the risk of staff accidentally reporting the wrong item number with incorrect inventory balances as a consequence.


Peppol is an EU directive with the aim of making electronic commerce easier. Peppol has a variety of business documents such as price lists, orders and invoices, which make it easier for business partners to do business with each other. Through common registers, it is possible to find both customers and suppliers from EU Member States. To access Peppol, an access point in the form of a Peppol ID is required. Tyringe is an approved Peppol node that conveys both the access point and SMP directly in your ERP system.

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