Our system solutions for integration of customs systems make the process quick, easy and traceable, ensuring compliance with Tullverket’s (Swedish Customs) rules and requirements.

A customs system that creates an boundless flow

Tyringe has been helping import and export companies, customs agents and warehouse keepers with customs management for more than 25 years. This has provided us with excellent industry knowledge and an understanding of the requirements and challenges associated with customs services. Our user-friendly, cloud-based customs system makes it easy to manage all kinds of customs matters involving Tullverket (Swedish Customs) and Tolletaten (Norwegian Customs). The system is also automatically updated with any new legal requirements and rules issued by the customs authorities in Sweden and Norway. This is intended to reassure any concerns you might have about complex, time-consuming problems arising with your declarations.

We'd rather be a partner than a supplier

For us it is important to have a close relationship with our customers. We do this with great commitment and deliver the best and most long-term solution. And once the integration is in place, we are happy to help you with support and service.

Cost-effective solutions for those who trade with non-EU countries

Whether you are experienced or just starting out with import and export, you can save time and money managing customs on your own. We help small and large companies in all industries to easily create more efficient customs processes via automated transfers from different business systems. Our integrations are system independent and do not require peripherals or investment in hardware. Directly from the customs system, you can create, send and follow customs declarations, in accordance with Swedish Customs' traceability requirements. It is a scalable solution that gives you control over the entire process. We can also offer you a TA module that connects customs handling with the physical transport of the goods.

A complete offer for you as a customs agent

As a customs agent, your legal and practical knowledge is highly valued. However, the large variation in flows and systems can lead to errors in invoicing. With our user-friendly system solution, you can implement all kinds of import and export declarations at the touch of a button. Tyringe's integrations are completely independent of the business system you and your customers use, giving you smoother and more efficient flows in all projects. All assignments and agreements are registered in the system and are automatically compared, so you can easily invoice the right work at the right price.

Additional sales for those who are freight forwarders or have customs warehouses

More and more freight forwarders and warehousekeepers are choosing to offer customs handling as part of their service. Tyringe's cloud-based, automated system makes it easy to manage and track non-declared stock goods by keeping track of balance levels, item information, as well as inbound and outbound deliveries, all according to Swedish Customs' requirements for customs warehouse accounting and traceability. In addition, you can quickly create and send electronic customs declarations with accurate information.

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