About Tyringe

Tyringe’s innovative system solutions create integration and precision. We have a wealth of experience, broad industry knowledge and an extraordinary level of commitment.

Integration and precision

For the majority of companies today, efficient business systems are indispensable. The systems handle all the information needed for successful business. However, no matter how competent and powerful the business systems are, the benefits will be limited if the information cannot be easily transferred to other systems, internal and external.

Tyringe has since its establishment in 1978 helped companies to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Our innovative system solutions create integration and precision. And we purposefully strive towards our vision of a world where all business processes flow seamlessly.

Our offer

Integrations that get all kinds of systems to talk to each other

If you don’t approach it in the right way, implementing an integration project can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Since the company was established, Tyringe has been integrating both leading and less well-known business systems used within a wide range of industries.


Sustainable solutions for people and the environment

Our solutions ensure that no valuable material is wasted, that the margin of error is minimised, and that fewer people have to devote time and energy to monotonous, stressful tasks.

Our values

Easy, driven and inclusive

If we had to describe ourselves, we would say that we are helpful, clever entrepreneurs. We enjoy complex challenges, but never overcomplicate things.

Customer case studies

Free-flowing projects

It is when we are allowed to dig down into a customer’s operation and take on a really tough challenge that we identify the best and most precise solutions. Here are some assignments that we are particularly proud of.

Some of our strengths


Our solution delivers 100% precision for your business processes.

Industry knowledge

Our employees are familiar with the challenges faced by your industry.


Our system is tailored to solve your problems.

Customer contact

We work alongside our customers to identify exactly the right solution.