Tyringe -> PipeChain, it's time!

For many years, Tyringe as a company and brand has been called just Tyringe, this goes way back and perhaps it will continue to live on in everyday speech. We have previously announced that we will become a natural part of the rest of the PipeChain brand. Now is the time!

As of now, we are changing our graphic profile and website from www.tyringe.com to www.pipechain.com. The site has been available in English for some time and now we have also launched it in Swedish. The new website includes everything we can deliver within the entire PipeChain, if you look under Solutions you will recognize what "Tyringe" delivers.

Take a look! Take an extra look at the Menu where you can easily see the entire overview of the site and what we at PipeChain offer and who we are. The joint offer is extremely strong, it is many years of experience and industry knowledge gathered in PipeChain. As you can see, our new common logo shows traces of both Tyringe's and PipeChain's logo - it shows our togetherness, now we are taking a step into the future and look forward to many exciting collaborations with your customers, suppliers, partners and future customers 😉.

In the future, our newsletter will also be available in our new layout, stay tuned.

Greetings PipeChain SCM Tyringe

PS. A little later there will also be changes to our LinkedIn account, more info will come when the time is right. We already want to encourage you to start following us at PipeChain | LinkedIn.

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