“Tyringe has given us confidence and, more importantly, delivered results.”

The relationship between TitanX and Tyringe goes way back, since the 1990s, and we believe that both parties agree that we have been part of each other's progress over the years. 

We at Tyringe often talk about how we are ERP systems independence and that a major advantage of Tyringe and TIS is that when the day comes when the customer will change business system, the "outside world" remains unaffected. This is because the connections between TIS and the customer's customers, suppliers and third parties remain intact. 

TitanX has been using TIS Automotive integrated its ERP system for many years to manage its EDI communication with customers, suppliers and third parties. Last year they made a major decision to leave their bespoke business system, MacPac, and enter the world of SAP. After three intense months, the day came when the transition was to take place. On February 1, a painless Go live was found! We celebrated the project with a cake here in Tyringe. 

"We at TitanX changed ERP systems to SAP S/4HANA in February 2020. It was an interesting and challenging project. Highly diversified team with members from Sweden, India and the US. Tyringe was an important part of the transition. We switched EDI traffic from a business system to another without interruption for customers and suppliers. Tyringe is a good and reliable partner who helped us throughout the process, which gave us confidence and above all results." 

G. Nowak
Group IS/IT Director

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