Tyringe and PipeChain become a joint brand under the name PipeChain

Tyringe Konsult AB started in 1978 as a consulting company in general data processing. In 1985, the focus shifted to EDI after a pilot project with Volvo, and since the mid-90s, customs and transport administration has also been a major part of our business.

Tyringe and PipeChain have existed and operated in parallel in largely the same arena for many years. Since June 30, 2022, Tyringe is part of the PipeChain group. Together, we are now leaders in the Nordic region in digitalization in the Supply Chain area. We exist to help our customers with increased competitiveness, increased profitability and a constant endeavor to use the resources of the business for increased value creation. This is our culture and what we are passionate about.

On December 1, 2022, Tyringe Konsult AB formally changed its company name to PipeChain SCM Tyringe AB. In early October 2023, we will take the next step in the merger and launch our joint brand platform under the name PipeChain. This means that our logos are merged (as illustrated in the image below), Tyringe moves out of the address www.tyringe.com and into our new common address www.pipechain.com under the business area Supply Chain Management (SCM).

There is of course added value for you Tyringe customers. The merger opens the door for further development, and there is an opportunity to supplement current solutions with VMI solutions, among others. Similarly, there is added value for existing PipeChain customers who now have the opportunity to supplement with software services from Tyringe, such as customs and transportation solutions.

We want to emphasize that we are still the same organization, we have the same solutions and the same support. You can reach us through the same contact channels. Now we look forward to continuing the journey together with PipeChain and your customers.

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