Transport administration round trip

No matter how carefully you pack and wrap, goods can be damaged during shipping. No matter how well you describe the characteristics of the goods to the customer, the customer may regret it once it arrives. Returns are a natural part of everyday life for any company that ships goods to its customers - but far from all companies have systems designed to handle complex inbound processes, such as booking forwarder and checking traceability. A competent transport administration system, a so-called TA system, can manage your entire flow of goods, outbound and inbound, and thus streamline much of your work.

A TA system for inbound makes returns easy

A TA system that handles returns efficiently for goods shipping companies can also help to bring simplicity at the other end - to your customers. Today, this is as important in B2B as it has long been in B2C. Private experience of smooth online trading means that we now make similar demands when evaluating a trading partner professionally. Easy returns are an effective way to provide good service and thus create satisfied and loyal customers.

If your chosen forwarders have a return service, you as the sending company can create a return label in the TA system each time a shipment is created. The return label is sent with the parcel, making it easier for the customer to return the goods. Alternatively, you can simply generate a return label and send it electronically to the customer, who then prints it out and attaches it to the parcel. This automatically makes it traceable and gives you full control over the whereabouts of the goods.

Better control of all your shipments

The benefits of a TA system are many. As described above, the handling of returns becomes easy and smooth. But because the TA system handles the entire flow of shipments, there are significant time savings to be made by not having to manually manage all your shipments - outbound and inbound.

A TA system is an independent third-party solution that can either be integrated into your business system, or as a standalone service with its own interface. Whatever level of integration your company chooses, a TA system helps to create consistency and simplicity. No matter how many carriers you use, you can manage all shipments in the same way, using the same interface. That saves your users a lot of time.

TIS Logistics - a leading TA system

Do you want to take control of your transport flows, including ensuring that your returns are handled optimally? Talk to us, TIS Logistics is one of the leading TA systems on the market, with a host of practical features to make your everyday life easier.

With TIS Logistics, your company gets a future-proof total solution, which can be easily adapted to your needs. We at Tyringe are experienced system providers in integration and transport systems and can help you increase efficiency and lower costs - what we call digital flow. What's more, whenever you need advice and expert support, Tyringe is just a call away.

The benefits of the right TA system

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