TIS adapted to NCTS-5

Tyringe Integration System (TIS) is a complete customs system that supports the various customs procedures, all according to the new regulations that are gradually being introduced under the UCC (Union Customs Code). Transits and NCTS are a natural part of our customs system TIS , which is approved by Swedish Customs since June 2023 for the new transit procedure according to NCTS phase 5.

The transition to NCTS phase 5 will take effect on January 28, 2024 (Note! New date), which means that all new transits will have to be started in accordance with NCTS phase 5 from this date.

What is new in TIS?

In parallel with our development work on adapting TIS to meet the new and extended information provision requirements for the transit procedure, we have also taken the opportunity to renew and improve the interface in which users work.

Of course, useful and popular functionality remains in the new version, such as the ability to easily and quickly create outbound transits as an authorized consignor from proforma documents or to create transit declarations via file integration as well as manually directly in the system.

In the new interface, we have grouped the input fields into different categories to provide structure and clarity when users navigate the application to record or check the information in the transit declaration.

To facilitate clarity and avoid cluttering the registration fields, we have built the user interface in levels where you can expand input fields to add information at the touch of a easy button. A clear example of this is the address information that can be entered for all the different actors that now exist under the new NCTS phase 5 framework.

In order to facilitate and help users to find support in the new declaration guide for transit, we have added the number-id to the data elements referred to in the declaration guide to the names of the input fields.

Want to know more?

For more than 25 years, we have helped importing and exporting companies, customs agents and warehouse keepers with customs management. This has given us good industry knowledge and understanding of the requirements and challenges of customs issues.

Do not hesitate to contact us on +46(0)451-514 00 or info@tyringe.com if you want to know more about our customs system TIS and what the new NCTS phase 5 requirements mean.

We are with you throughout the UCC journey!

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