The supplier portal is your digital meeting place for more efficient business communication

In an ideal world, it would be desirable if all business communication with suppliers were done automatically via EDI. That all events were transmitted through integrated ERP systems, to minimize time-consuming manual work and to avoid unnecessary errors in the input of data.

Now the reality is often different, you probably have suppliers of many different sizes and with varying digital maturity. Some may already be fully integrated, others lack the resources or technology to implement complete integration. Fortunately, there is a solution for the latter group as well. By setting up a digital meeting place, a so-called supplier portal, you can ensure that incoming business data is uniform and automatically lands in your ERP system.

Unified business data with supplier portal

How many suppliers do you use? Ten, twenty-five or a hundred? They probably handle their business data in as many different ways, which then complicates your own administration of incoming events. That said, the more suppliers, the greater the profits there are to be from harmonizing and automating business communication with their own digital meeting place – a supplier portal.

The meeting place is an interface between you and the supplier, adapted to ensure that incoming data follows your standards and ends up right in your ERP system. No matter how many suppliers you have, incoming business data will be consistent. For you, it will be no different from a full-scale EDI integration. The information is delivered in exactly the same way as if it came directly from the supplier's ERP system.

How does this work from the supplier's perspective? As soon as you have created an event in your ERP system, it will be sent to the meeting place. The provider is notified, logs into the portal interface through a web browser and accesses the information. After that, the supplier uses the portal to send order confirmations, delivery notifications and invoices, which are delivered directly to your ERP system, just as from which electronically connected supplier anything.

How to get started

The process of setting up a digital meeting place is relatively easy. If you choose Tyringe as a portal provider, the project starts with an analysis to review your needs and what functions you want. Tyringe's digital meeting place can be implemented directly in its standard version, which in addition to automated flows gives suppliers a variety of useful functions, such as the ability to print customized goods labels/barcode labels. The meeting place can also be adapted to specific requirements and added functions such as traceability, quality documents, etc.

Tyringe sets up the digital meeting place and ensures that communication with the business systems works. This work includes customizing formats, messages, addresses and more according to your wishes. We may also need to test drive the technology together with a couple of your suppliers to ensure that everything works smoothly. Once the meeting place has been put into operation, you can immediately enjoy the advantage of a uniform supplier data, to be able to more easily compare price lists, place orders and review order confirmations. And everything else you want to get out of an automated supplier flow.

Talk to Tyringe about electronic meeting place for inbound

Tyringe is an experienced system provider within integration and EDI portals. Our digital meeting place has a user-friendly interface that makes the information structured and clear for your suppliers, and ensures that your inbound flows are consistent and accurate. Our meeting place is a full-scale supplier portal that helps you get digital flow. And should you ever need expert support, Tyringe is just a call away.

Supplier portal for better business benefits

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