Save money with efficient customs management

There are several good reasons to take a holistic approach to your company's customs management. Perhaps today you outsource the work to an external party, but want to save money doing the job in-house? Perhaps today you use software that will not be updated or supported and need to look around for a new solution? Perhaps you want to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of errors? Whatever the reason, an investment in integrated customs management will generate long-term benefits such as increased compliance, increased efficiency and better cost control.

Customs handling in-house vs outsourcing

As usual, there are always pros and cons to different options. One of the advantages of outsourcing customs handling to an external party is that you can lean on their skills, and that this option can feel simple and affordable if you have low volumes. However, as soon as volumes rise, the incentive to manage customs handling in-house also increases, as this often becomes more cost-effective.

Secure compliance with your own customs handling

Whether your company hires third parties for customs handling or handles everything in-house, it is always you who are responsible for ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. Any errors in the customs declaration may result in customs surcharges and penalties. In some cases, even the customs permits may be compromised, for example in the case of serious and repeated errors. Keep in mind that it is you who know your business best.

More efficient customs handling with the right system

Do you currently have a customs system that will not be updated or supported in the future? Or do you just want to ensure a long-term customs solution with full functionality? The new electronic customs handling requirements, derived from the new EU Customs Code (UCC), put old systems to the test and it is for many companies a challenge to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements. The solution is to choose a new customs system that meets both regulatory requirements, as well as your own desires for increased productivity and lower costs.

Future-proof customs management in the cloud

For more than 25 years, Tyringe has been assisting importing and exporting companies with customs handling and customs warehouses. It has given us industry knowledge and a very good understanding of all the aspects of customs procedures. Our cloud-based customs system TIS is a future-proof solution that makes it easy to handle all kinds of customs issues, without investments in hardware or new technology. The user-friendly interface makes the information structured and easy to overview and gives you full control over all cases. With all systems integrated, and with all customs requirements met, you can then look forward to safe and efficient customs handling that will help you get digital flow. And should you need competent support, Tyringe is just a call away.

The question that remains is just – what solution should you invest in?

Choosing the right customs system

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