Get digital flow with EDI portal for customers

How much time does your company spend managing manual orders? If you count all orders that are called in and emailed in, you will probably spend several hours registering them in the ERP system. And if an emailed order is not complete, you need to contact the customer and update with the missing information. It doesn't have to be this complicated and time-consuming. With an EDI portal for customers, a so-called customer portal, they can register their orders themselves so that you get the desired information in the ERP system, without manual hand-laying. Easy and efficient.

What is a customer portal?

In the best of worlds, all customers are integrated through EDI, so orders and business transactions are automatically recorded in your systems. But we're not quite there yet. Some customers may have too small volumes for an integration to be interesting, others may not have sufficient digital maturity. For whatever reason, an EDI portal for customers is an easy way to reduce time-consuming manual work and avoid unnecessary errors when entering orders.

A customer portal is a digital meeting place between two acting companies, open 24 hours a day. An interface with the customer for structured and easy order management. The customer portal is suitable regardless of whether your company is large or small. Instead of calling or emailing an excel file with their orders, your customers can register their orders themselves. The advantage is that you get all the information you need and you do not have to spend time on manual handling. All order data from the customer portal is automatically sent into your business systems, in the same uniform way as in a full-scale EDI integration. There will be no difference for you compared to if the data came directly from the customer's ERP system.

Benefits for you

With a customer portal, you lower the threshold for what is a profitable customer, as you reduce manual work. Even orders from smaller customers can now be interesting and contribute to increased profitability in your company. Your customer service can now focus on their actual job and can reduce time-consuming manual tasks. The result is increased efficiency and quality in the order reception where you can handle more customers per employee.

With a customer portal, it will be easier to spread product information, but also price and agreements can be handled here. Everything is available to your customers directly in the customer portal. They are also responsible for keeping their own information up to date, which further reduces your workload and reduces the risk of errors.

Benefits for your customers

Even for your customers, there are many advantages to a customer portal. Although they may be responsible for entering their data themselves, instead of perhaps dialing in their order, they have all the information gathered in one place. This creates structure and transparency, and they can follow up on their orders, deliveries and invoices whenever they want. And of course, place new orders whenever they want, 24/7. With the customer portal, it becomes easy for them to buy, all with the security that the order gets through, quickly and safely.

Other benefits for customers include automatic notifications and feedback on what is ordered, delivery times and modes of delivery. In the customer portal, customers can follow their orders and make package tracking on shipped orders.

Talk Customer Portal with Tyringe

Tyringe is an experienced system provider in integration and all kinds of EDI portals. Our portal solution has a user-friendly interface that makes the information structured and clear for your customers, and ensures that your order flows are consistent and accurate. Our customer portal helps you get digital flow. Plus, whenever you need advice and expert support, Tyringe is just a call away.

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