Fun and useful insight

So now it has happened, three places were visited in as many days. These were packed with information from Swedish Customs and of course from us as exhibitors. It was evident in the air and in your commitment that it had been a long time since we had met physically, so many smiles and laughter we encountered. One observation that was directly reflected in our discussions with both customers and "prospective" customers was that customs issues are becoming more and more important for companies. Being properly informed about, for example, the new import handling requirements that are coming in is of utmost importance.

A reflection afterwards is that the discussions differed a little between existing and prospective customers. Existing TIS users mostly talked about how nice it was to see them and thanked us for the information we shared with them, while prospective customers asked how we saw this and what challenges we see. Some asked outright if we will have the functionality required and in a timely manner. These questions seemed perfectly natural in the context, however I wondered why so few of our existing customers were asking these questions? Yesterday, on the way home in the car, the coin dropped. Our customers are spoiled that Tyringe delivers what it takes to be a system provider in customs clearance and we do it on time and in cooperation with our customers. This realization makes me even more proud to work at Tyringe and shows that what we do, we do right. A big thank you to those of you who visited our stand at Customs Days 2021.

Yours sincerely Mats Nilsson

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