Elgiganten presses TIS during Black Week

-Elgiganten's high season starts with Singles Day and picks up speed with Black Week, and 2020 points to a record year. This means that our customs system from Tyringe is under extra pressure now that all the orders have to be handled. TIS has been working perfectly and has to fight almost around the clock with a short rest on Friday nights, says Jonas Danielsen, Customs and Administration Manager at Elgiganten.

The warehouse of 107,000 sqm has 85 gates where trucks from many countries pick up and leave their goods 24/7. From here, items are handled for both e-commerce and stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The customs system is vital for the logistics to work and for all deliveries to flow smoothly. It would never work if we didn't have such a well-integrated and functional customs system in our work," Jonas continues. With TIS we have the digital flow we were looking for and got.

About Tyringes customs system: TIS Logistics is used by both importing and exporting companies to achieve an efficient, fast and traceable process, according to Customs requirements and regulations.

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