Electronic customs declaration for imports from March 15 2022

The new import system of the Swedish Customs is adapted to the requirements of the new EU legislation on digital customs processing, and from 15/3 2022 it will be possible to submit the standard customs declaration for import electronically at Swedish Customs.
Read more here: Swedish Customs.se/future-customs-handling/new-import-system

It is important to note that if you are a customs warehouse licensee or temporary storage authorisation holder, acting as an agent or where other operators declare/withdraw from your warehouse, you must be able to receive and process the CWPR or TSPR (Consent to Release/Removal) messages.

From 15/3 2022, CWPR and TSPR will also be used for the import declarations sent in the new standard customs declaration system for imports. Declarations sent to TDS (for example DNK) will continue to generate UTLs after March 15. This means that all three messages CWPR, TSPR and UTL need to be handled by the warehouses receiving the release authorisations.

It is possible to manage CWPR/TSPR via my pages at Swedish Customs, but if you wish to manage these messages electronically via EDI, you will need to place an order for the subscription service for these messages and have approved tests done for them against Swedish Customs.
Read more here: EDI - Subscription services in production - Swedish Customs

If it is relevant for you as TIS users to handle these messages electronically via EDI, please contact us to set up TIS for this and to carry out the tests. Please contact our support department by e-mail support@tyringe.com or phone +46 451 570 70.

And those of you who would like to know more about TIS Logistics are very welcome to get in touch: tyringe.com/contact-us

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