Bergendahls strengthens its supplier EDI together with Tyringe

Bergendahls chose local experts and an in-depth collaboration with Tyringe, really fun we think at Tyringe! Bergendahls' decision to completely overhaul the EDI platform and a long-term strategy towards sustainable growth gave us a great challenge that we accepted.
Through our base project, Bergendahls got a scalable EDI solution from Tyringe with a well thought-out idea of standard integrations to the SAP business system. A good process for connection together with a wide range of connectivity options creates good conditions going forward. Now we take the next step together to really get the full value!

Tyringe's support – about the collaboration

We were invited early in the process to give our input on where we usually see challenges, which was very positive. Today we have together developed an accession process that feels very good for both Bergendahls and Tyringe with clear roles and responsibilities for both parties. It is so nice and it benefits both of us in the work as we see it, it fits our own core values that the work should be Easy, Driven and Inclusive.

IT Director Bergendahls – Magnus Adler on the project

We have recently closed the base project and the result for this part is above expectations, very positive. We have been careful to define what values we want from our hosted solution at Tyringe and how our collaboration going forward needs to support our digitalisation journey towards real value creation. I look forward to a continued good partnership and forward-looking dialogue. Now we are in the driver's seat where we will make sure that we now get the effect of our new solutions.

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