Avoid the pitfalls of Supply Chain integration

Do you want to automate your company's supply chain? Good idea, with increased digitalisation of information management you can streamline out a lot of manual work, achieve higher efficiency, and reduce costs. But if you are wondering how to integrate, and perhaps even considering doing the work with your own resources, here is some advice. Use an experienced integration consultant. Integrating supply chain is a complex area that requires competence and experience, and the risks of doing the work in-house are high. There is simply too much that can go wrong, here are some of the pitfalls you want to avoid.

Pitfall 1: It will be cheaper to make the integration ourselves

It may be tempting to make the integration with own resources, with the justification of saving money. However, this can be costly, not only because the work often takes longer, but because the result is not what is desired. An experienced integrator has the experience of many similar assignment projects and knows what works. This means a shorter start-up time, faster integration work and an end result you can rely on. So disregard the delusion that it will be cheaper to do the work yourself, the risk is imminent that it will instead be considerably more expensive before everything works as intended.

Pitfall 2: It's faster to make the integration ourselves

We know our supply chain and we know for ourselves how everything works, and thus integration will be faster if we do the work ourselves. This is a common perception that could have far-reaching consequences if it is realised. Rather, the truth is that it risks taking considerably longer to do the work on your own, if it is even completed with satisfactory results. An experienced integration partner has the routines and solutions so that you get started faster and finish faster.

Pitfall 3: It will be better if we do the integration ourselves

No one knows our business better than we do, which is why best if we are responsible for supply chain integration ourselves. Just don't forget that an external integration consultant has experience from different industries and other similar assignment, which can bring valuable knowledge to your project. It is easy to underestimate the complexity of a system integration. If you want to ensure an optimised solution, it is wise to turn to a professional who knows in detail how to take the project from A to Z.

The advantages of Tyringe as an integrator of Supply Chain

There are great advantages to choosing Tyringe as an integration partner. With high competence, long experience, industry knowledge and our own integration platform TIS (Tyringe Integration System), you ensure cost efficiency, delivery precision and an effective end result. We create digital flow by automating all or part of the information transfer. In addition, you get our user-friendly analysis tools that add additional value.

TIS is cloud-based and platform-independent and can be applied to a variety of business and logistics systems. In addition, we can further develop TIS if necessary to give you exactly the functionality you need and desire. Your journey towards precision and integration in business-critical information transfer starts at Tyringe. Welcome to contact us.


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