TRETAB Transport streamlines with PipeChain SCM Tyringe

- TRETAB Transport AB was founded in 1983 and we live on our experienced staff, fast and safe transportation, the right suppliers and the right documentation. We drive on Eastern and Central Europe and to countries such as Ukraine, Serbia and Turkey, it is important that we have both the knowledge and the right system to make all the necessary documents. Our customers all have different requirements for the export documents where it is important that we have a supplier that is fast, has a good support and is always updated with the latest requirements and is at the forefront of what is to come.

As we felt that our requirements from customers in more and more cases could not be met by the existing supplier, we got tips about PipeChain SCM Tyringe AB and after the first meeting we felt that everything fell into place. The change takes place in the fall and already now documents are sent to customs so the ball is rolling and everything feels great. We are all at the company convinced that this will be a long and good cooperation for both parties, just as we want it.

Mikael Hagesäter
TRETAB Transport AB

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