Supplier portal provides digital flow in the supply chain

Do you have a large number of suppliers? Then you probably share a problem with many other companies; that some of your suppliers are not connected via EDI. The reasons for this can be several, but common is that these suppliers lack the resources or technology to implement an integration with their customers. Understandably, however, this means that parts of your business flows still need to be handled manually, with increased time and risk of errors. But it doesn't have to be this way. If full integration is not possible, you can instead set up a digital meeting place, a supplier portal, to create digital flow in your inbound flows.

Supplier portal links together

The digital meeting place is an interface between you and the supplier. All the business data, such as an order, that you would have shared with an integrated supplier is instead automatically sent to the meeting place. The supplier is then notified and can log in to access and manage the information. Of course, the reverse is also true. The supplier enters their business transactions into the supplier portal, such as order confirmations, delivery notifications and invoices. These are sent automatically and in the correct format into your ERP system, just like any EDI-connected supplier .

Seamless communication

The key to optimized business flows is integration and automation. That business transactions are transferred as seamlessly as possible, with as little manual handling as possible. Because really it is quite obvious, why spend time recording data that someone else has already entered at an earlier stage? Those of your employees who would otherwise have entered the information into your ERP system can now instead use their time to create value.

The major benefits for companies that channel their suppliers into a portal solution are structure, consistency and efficiency. The suppliers themselves record all the business data you want to receive, which relieves your organisation. No time-wasting, no headaches due to manual errors at your end of the chain. In short - digital flow.

More efficient purchasing process

Work more efficiently with the purchasing process, even with suppliers who cannot or do not want to connect via a full EDI integration! Tyringe has a digital meeting place that is easy to both implement and use. You define what incoming business data you want suppliers to share. Then we set up the technology, which already covers around 90% of our customers' most common needs in its standard form. If you want more, we can of course adapt the supplier portal to your requirements, for example if you want certain quality documents or traceability in the chain. In short, your requirements determine the design of the content of the digital meeting place.

Talk to Tyringe about supplier portal

Tyringe is an experienced system provider within integration and supplier portals. Our portal solution has a user-friendly interface that makes the information structured and clear for your suppliers, and ensures that your inbound flows are consistent and accurate. And should you ever need expert support, Tyringe is just a call away.

Supplier portal for better business benefits

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