Purchasing portal provides control and efficiency

Let's present a not so unusual scenario. A Swedish manufacturing company buys components from suppliers all over the world. Depending on which supplier is used, shipping often becomes a challenge. Each supplier has its own procedures and carriers, which is not always completely transparent to the buyer. In addition, the customer usually bears the shipping cost, which can come as a surprise if the supplier chooses express delivery instead of ship, even though there is no rush. Or if there is indeed a rush and the goods are transported by ship anyway, because the supplier has not been properly informed. The solution is a Purchasing Portal that gives better control over incoming goods.

What is a Purchasing Portal?

A Purchasing Portal is a third-party solution that works either in the background, integrated with the ERP system, or as a standalone service with its own interface. The buying company sends its purchase order via the Purchasing Portal. Here, the desired delivery date and shipping method can be specified, which clarifies the shipping cost at an early stage. The system can also book shipping with the intended forwarder and thus ensure that everything goes according to plan.

At the other end of the Purchasing Portal, the supplier receives all the information needed to complete the order from the customer. The purchase order clearly specifies what the customer wishes to buy, in what volumes and qualities and when the customer needs the delivery. As the shipping is already specified in the Purchasing Portal, the supplier does not need to spend resources on this. The supplier can continuously report all necessary information, such as changes in delivery etc.

The benefits of a Purchasing Portal

There are several advantages to using a Purchasing Portal, the most important of which is control. Instead of letting the supplier choose the shipping you will ultimately pay for, the Purchasing Portal gives you control over the shipping method, forwarder and delivery date. This means you avoid unwanted surprises in the form of overpriced shipping, or goods that don't arrive on time. Not unimportant parameters for a manufacturing company where shipping costs can be a significant part of the price of the goods.

Another aspect of better control is the fact that you can follow the delivery step by step. As soon as a supplier does something with the delivery, it is visible in the Purchasing Portal. Similarly, the Purchasing Portal captures the status updates many carriers report along the cargo's journey. This traceability provides increased security and control, not least in the event of discrepancies or delays.

The Purchasing Portal also allows you to measure and get statistics on the delivery accuracy of your suppliers. With data from all your suppliers registered in the same system, it is easy to compare and see which suppliers are best at fulfilling their contracts.

Purchasing Portal - a part of TIS Logistics

TIS Logistics from Tyringe is one of the leading TA systems on the market. This is a future-proof total solution, which also has the flexibility to be adapted exactly to your company's needs. For example, the Purchasing Portal is an optional module that can easily be integrated into the TA system, to get an even better overall view of the entire logistics chain. With better control over both incoming and outgoing goods, and the costs associated with transport, there are big gains to be made.

Tyringe is an experienced system supplier within integration and transport systems. With a Purchasing Portal integrated into TIS Logistics, you are one step closer to digital flow. And when you need advice and competent support, Tyringe is just a call away, we have full control of the systems required for efficient logistics.

The benefits of the right TA system

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